custom cakes, cookies & cupcakes

specializing in organic ingredients

“because life is too short to eat supermarket desserts”



Welcome to the dolci website! We are a small home-based business serving Greater New Haven (Southern Connecticut). As of yet, we do not ship our goods elsewhere, but check back with us in a couple of years!


Something Different

Have you ever read the list of ingredients on the cupcakes at your local supermarket? Sure, they're yummy, but do you really need all those transfats (hydrogenated oils) and preservatives in your desserts? That, in a nutshell, is why we decided to see if we could make delicious desserts with all-natural, organic ingredients. We've discovered that "all natural" does not result in the compromise of texture, appearance, or taste of baked fact, it enhances these qualities.


We Offer:

homemade cakes, cupcakes & cookies made with only the finest ingredients. We do everything from elegant, tiered cakes for a crowd to a dozen whoopie pies. On our DESSERTS page, there is a list of some favorites to get you started, but we LOVE trying new recipes, so we look forward to brainstorming with you about what you'd like.